Friday, October 29, 2010

Arundhati Roy……..a perennial critic


Well, there is something about her, you will always find her on the opposite side of the majority view. She has become the Goddess of Small Things in her own way. Pick up any issue may it be Naxalism, Kashmir, Sardar  Sarovar Project, Indian nuclear policy, death sentence to Afjal guru and so on, she will always oppose the India as state. Her opposition does not seem to be anti government but anti state in its basic premise.

While speaking for the Kashmiri independence, I doubt she has given a thought regarding the history of region. Moreover let us put the issue whether it belongs to India or Pakistan aside for a moment, and think deeply, is Kashmiri independence really a solution to anyone’s problem? As far as Kashmiris are concerned, one might look at the conditions of people in PoK and their brethren on this side of border. Also everyone knows once liberated, Pakistan will undertake the region in its influence and there will be no end to miseries of the people. And what is the guarantee that Pakistan will not use this region to spread more violence and chaos in surrounding region? Pakistan’s apathy to the region can be easily understood by the fact that it sold a major part of its occupied Kashmiri territory to China and rest is already under heavy Chinese influence, waiting to be transferred. Kashmiris  are better in India and its in best interest of India and Kashmiris also that they should not ask for separation. I accept the human right violation incidents but the demands must be acceptable, then only you stand any chance to get them fulfilled.

The only solution to the problem is a responsible behaviour from local politicians and central government. The anti India sentiments must not be used for Vote bank and neither to gain unnecessary international fame. I support the right of free speech and in no way should Ms Roy be charged for sedition. But there are two aspects to every thing, one is law and other is morality. Law is there, means we would have to follow it, government cannot really charge her for sedition for her little speech, but shouldn’t Ms Roy exercise some restraint before reigniting the issue which is silently settling down, at least for the interests of millions of Kashmiris? Its a matter of conscience Ms Roy, just decide what is humanity and what are human rights.

Her support to Naxalism is equally annoying, Naxalists are against the ‘Indian State’ and not Indian government. They hardly ever kill any politician or some powerful person(Its not that I want this to happen), only people who have to face the Naxalite problem are the people they claim to fight for. And do you really think Ms Roy, Mr Mao will allow you to make such speeches when Naxalite demands of a separate state are fulfilled?

The list against her arguments is long, probably I can write a Devil of Big things, (Devil is what she claims Indian government/State is, and big we already are). But the bottom line will always remain that the talent of such an extraordinary Indian must become vehicle of positive change and not a tall building standing on which she will make herself definitely taller but will also become an obstruction to people’s view to see what lies beyond………….


  1. Well said!! Apt , to the point style of writing!!
    Liked it!

  2. There are certain persons, who taking advantage of their celebrity status, will oppose everything,without thinking of the consequences, to be in news. Arundhati is one of them. The best solution will be to ignore them, because more u discuss them, more they achieve their purpose. Very good post..Regards

  3. dats true....keep writting...all da best....

  4. @Vyoma, Priyanks : Thanks......

    @Kailash ji : True, but thanks to media, such people get enough coverage to create a mental mayhem.......