Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The unbearable lightness of being


We are passing through times of despair when everything around us seems to be nothing but just hopeless. The political phantasmagoria which used to be entertaining once upon a time has become source of infusing pessimism in the common man. People have just left any hopes of a society based on morals and ethics, sometimes wondering whether anyone actually wants a corruption free society because we have been beneficiary of it in some or other way at any point of time in our lives. The sleazy ways have been legitimised. Morality and conscience have taken a plunge.

The most astonishing thing among all the things going wrong on political front is the image our PM has in our hearts, All of us have a high respect for him regarding his integrity and commitment to the development of nation. Notwithstanding the character assassination by opposition and many others, we love to believe that man is true to his soul and is devoted to cause of progress of that country. For what now most of middle class reaps are the fruits of well thought reform plans launched by him.

But among all this feel good factor about our PM, one may raise a question whether dereliction of duty does not amount to a bad character, for whatever the reasons are. During his time, we have seen many parallel independent PMs in the country. Almost all the cabinet ministers and regional party chiefs act as if they are not controlled by anyone. They are running their own fiefdoms at the expense of the national interests. The collective responsibility of the government has gone for a toss and in an unprecedented event the PM is showing his helplessness that he tried but could not pursue the respective minister to do the right thing.

He speaks very little, and often enters the scene when much of the destruction has been done. He spoke in Kashmir 2010 problem when many valuable lives were lost already. He proposed to come before PAC when the whole winter session of Parliament was wasted. It seems like all the interested people speculate when MMS is going to make a statement. Same happened in CWG preparations. It seems that his appearance is properly scripted to gain the maximum mileage out of a situation. In earlier situations PM used to defend his colleagues but now situation has reversed as we can see whole of Congress party running to prove that he is a man of impeccable integrity. And everyone applauds when he makes his statement confirming that whatever said about him by fellow partymen is true.

Few people say that his main emphasis is on economic development of the country. He wants to avoid controversies around him and focus on how country can be put on a high growth path. But economics, development, politics and governance can never be divorced. Taking an example from Russia, after the fall of USSR, till 2000 the Russian economy was in shambles. Then came Putin and Russia saw her fortunes turning. After the 8 years of Putin-era, the economy was in good position standing upon the gains of oil boom in these 8 years, along with a very good ForEx reserve and a firm re-entry on the international political forum inter alia. But Russia is also struggling with problems of Nihilism, a highly corrupt judiciary, the over dependence of economy on oil and other social problems. This was a direct result of a high economic growth which did not take the social development along with it.

In the movie “The unbearable lightness of being”, Terreza tells Tomas, “Life is so heavy for me and its so light for you, I feel as if I am a burden on you. I can’t bear the this lightness of yours, I am dying under the weight of your lightness.” This is what we have to say to you Mr PM, we can no more tolerate deaths in Kashmir, farm suicides, the failed diplomatic attempts in international politics, continuing scams, rotten food grains, hunger deaths, and a dismal and despairing situation in almost every field. Please don’t try to convince us as if India is going on a fairy tale growth path, show us the reality, the weight of reality shall be far more bearable than the lightness of complacency. Your ‘light’ attitude about everything is killing us, its turning unbearable day by day.


  1. Kudos! Your blog is very impressive and shows how aware and active you are as an Indian citizen.I have this belief that in a team,sometimes,the best approaches spoken softly,get drowned in the noise of ignorant rants.And when the PM-in-waiting makes statements that mean co-alition govts sometimes have to compromise their stand to maintain the vote bank,it doesn't speak of his helplessness,but a rather pathetic state-of-affairs for a country vying to be one of the permanent members of UNSC.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. True Sunshine....I am actually afraid of the day when Manmohan Singh will be appointed as governor of Reserve Bank of Heavens and that Moron will lead the team....