Saturday, April 7, 2012

Melody of Change


In the contemporary turbulent times when the whole world is undergoing multidimensional transformation, which have given a new direction to the way human history was being written, one cannot but help thinking what is it that he wants to see changed or more specifically what is it that he could change?

A simple look at the front page of a newspaper will give an indication that world is falling apart, from the corruption in our own country to the miseries of an African, to the state repression in middle east, to the relative unemployment among even the employer nations, to the climate change and the list does seem to have an end. While the scale of the problems is intimidating,  perhaps that of the solution is not, specially when it comes to the question pertaining to our individual role in the society.  All we have to do is to find out those little things which can be fixed and fix them.

Sounds lucid or baffling? Here is an example, we all will agree that one of the biggest obstacles in the path of human development is human ignorance or more fundamentally in case of our country – illiteracy. The problem is really big, to educate around 20 crore more Indians…solution is really simple, teach one illiterate, how to read or if that seems too burdensome, support unprivileged children in your neighbourhood. The support could be as simple as providing books or pencils. We must not seek any fame in that, if we want real satisfaction from that work.

What is it that holds us from doing anything despite our sinusoidal emotions for our nation? The indifferences we have created within ourselves are so profound that no external stimulus seem to evoke any response from us. How to fight this state of frustrating inactivity? A state where we watch prime time news as a prime time show. The key is in realizing that we are responsible for whatever happens in our society, even if it is not related to us remotely in a conspicuous manner. Owning responsibility for each and everything will be emotionally torturous in the starting, but soon it brings a change in our thinking when we begin to think how something could be stopped and also start acting in that direction.

Take an example, you see a plastic wrapper on an otherwise clean Metro platform, you may curse the unknown sinner who threw it earlier or may just pick it up and throw it in a dustbin. Even if the dustbin is located outside the metro station, carry it along with you and throw it there. Your action might not immediately change the hearts of onlookers, compelling them to accompany in your noble efforts, but they will definitely take a note of it and one day they will be part of your self purification movement. Inspire people more by your deeds and less by preaching. When a rich and well to do lawyer can replace his expensive clothes with a homespun lungi and can shake the conscience of entire world, we have much less to sacrifice and much less to change.

What is that must be change to make this world a better place? Today individual, society, nation and the world, all exist in a delicate interdependent ecosystem, change in one leads to change in other. So we need to change ourselves, our perception to the surroundings, the change is required in our belief that two wrongs make it right, they don’t. Change is required to make us believe that we have to speak up for at least ourselves if not for others, even if it is as a simple problem as enforcing a no smoking regulation in a village bus. Change is required in seeing ourselves a part of problem and hence solution. Change is required in our vision of society and our nation, because our future vision is the present of our progeny. We must change the system we are going to bequeath upon our children. Let millions of us perish in that endless pursuit of a prosperous  society, even if we can’t build a society of  our dreams in our lifetime, we shall contribute at least a brick to that. Let us contribute our own tone to this symphony of change, that will mellifluously echo in the minds and hearts of our brethren. That’s the change I want to see in everyone………to listen to and to be part of this melody of change……


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